Ronald Kyobe comes highly recommended for training all types of dogs in the Kampala area!

About Ronald Kyobe

Ronald has several years experience in training dogs and offers to come to your home to provide his expertise in various areas. He has worked with clients from organisations such as the UN, foreign embassies, the World Bank, the World Food programme, as well as many local businesses.


Our services include a range of training such as basic obedience, guard dog training, dog-to-dog interaction, swimming, feeding and how to escape from poison.

We also walk your dogs and we look after them whilst you are away.

Additional services including dog grooming, kennel making, and general advice on matters such as health and the well-being of your dog


"My dog was really aggressive and out of control until I met Ronald. Within a few weeks of training from Ronald, the dog was calm and much easier to manage." --John, Kampala

"Ronald travels to Entebbe three times a week to walk and train my two dogs. I don't know what I would have done without him!" -- Barbara, Entebbe

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